Vertical Blue

Year: 2024
Photo: Šimon Roubal


Ancient Greek caryatid, which instead of a horizontally laid cornice bears a vertical clear blue glass triangular prism. Verticality in the sense of looking up to the heavens is probably one of the most peculiar human phenomena. Since time immemorial it has been associated with the search for the meaning of life or the invocation of a divine entity. In art and architecture, verticality has been a symbol or a means of touching something higher, transcending human existence. The spiritual or magical experience that was once associated with looking up to the heavens has been reduced to a conquest of the cosmos by the tumultuous scientific and technological advances associated with the secularization crisis. In the present age of environmental fragility, then, the question of the relationship between man and the blue sky - the atmospheric ring that signifies life - becomes even more pressing and takes on a new self-conscious dimension. The upward gaze is no longer a gaze into the magical celestial vault brought forth by the divine Atlantean, but a gaze into the roof of one's own life dwelling.


Material: optical glass, siliceous sand, fine crushed glass

Height: 210cm

Width: 55cm

Depth:  45cm