Licirna x LN Amaline / Small #3

All the products from Licirna x Lukas Novak selection have small flaws.

Most of these defects can only be seen by the trained eye of a professional glassmaker, the defects are only of a visual nature and do not devalue the functionality of the product.

The design combines old techniques with new ideas and new colors. The collection is a loose continuation of the successful series Lost and Found, which resembles space scenery. On the contrary the drawing, which is being created on the surface of the Amaline vases reminds of the earth from above space. Like a precious stone, each of the vases is an original that gets finalized with the "last touch" of the glassmaker in the form of a metallic finish.

Material: Amalin glass
Colour: Aqua Iris
Height: 16 cm
Dia: 9,5 cm