Blood Type

Year: 2024
Photo: Šimon Roubal

Blood Type is a wall object that interacts with light. This is the central motif of this project. Its fluid glass cut-outs create a dynamic and ever-changing
colour spectrum. This creation exploits the properties of optical glass and pushes the boundaries of human vision, evoking a sense of mysticism and optical illusions. It invites us to question the authenticity of our perception, a timeless theme that has intrigued philosophers across the ages. The work pays tribute to the tradition of Czech glassmaking. The precision of its cuts is made possible by a unique technique, a skill handed down in Bohemia for generations.

Technical description of the work
The work is first cut from a large optical block of glass (approximately 50 kg) into an approximate shape.
It is then hand-carved into a precise shape in the rough. The piece is then long sanded in several stages to a surface quality we call fine sand. And only then is the piece polished to a very fine surface texture that creates a sort of matte, mysterious finish.


Material: object (hand cut optical glass) 

Color: Spectrum

Height:  550mm

Width:  250mm

Depth:  140mm