Licirna x LN Amaline / Extra Large

All the products from Licirna x Lukas Novak selection have small flaws.

Most of these defects can only be seen by the trained eye of a professional glassmaker, the defects are only of a visual nature and do not devalue the functionality of the product.

Collection "Amalin" is fallow up of cosmic series "Lost & Found" which was introduced in 2018. The collection is a loose continuation and even though you don't find a resemblance of space scenery as in the previous, the pattern evolved from it. The drawing created on the surface of the Amaline vases reminds the Earth's surface from above a space. The design combines old techniques with new ideas, colours and precious metals. Like a precious stone, each of the vases is an original that gets finalized with the "last touch" of the glassmaker in a form of layer gloss.

The surface colour and structure may differ slightly due to manual production. Each piece is an unrepeatable original.

Material: Cut Amalin glass
Colour: Aqua
Height: 31 cm
Dia: 18 cm


25.049,00 Kč